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Personal Commissions: Closed

Business Inquiries: Open

Terms of Service

All prices are for personal use only. For any commercial work, the price will be x2 from the basic price. For business inquiries, feel free to contact me via mail at

✦ Payments are upfront through PayPal invoice only.
✦ All prices are in Euro €

✦ No refunds are accepted after I have started working on a commission. Please be sure before commissioning me.

✦ The price is for one character. Additional characters on the same artwork cost 50+ extra (depending on the details of the character)

✦ I will post the commission artwork on my social media in low-res and with a watermark. If you don't want your commission to be published, please let me know beforehand.

✦ I need a visual reference. Without one, I can’t accept the commission.
✦ Commission requests may be declined if I feel uncomfortable with the Character design, details, etc.

✦ You can use the commission as an icon, banner, etc. and repost it on your social media. Credit is not required but very much appreciated. Private prints are totally fine. Personal commissions are for your personal enjoyment only and are not for commercial purposes.

✦ I don't accept Virtual YouTuber model commissions at the moment.

✦ Ecchi and nude Illustrations are possible, but there will be extra costs.

How to contact & Workflow

If you agree with the Terms and prices, send me your request, details and reference at

✦ Please wait for my email reply. If I accept your commission, I will send you a PayPal Invoice.
✦ After the payment arrived, I'll send you the sketch as soon as possible.

✦ There are no limits for changes in the sketch phase. As soon as you are satisfied with the sketch, no further changes can be made.

✦ As soon as everything else is discussed, I'll finish the artwork.

✦ Depending on the complexity it will take 1-4 weeks to finish.

Deadlines for Illustrations are possible. Please tell me if there is a deadline before I start working

Deadlines for Dakimakura Commissions are not possible.

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Commission Prices

Bust-Shot without background | A4, 300 dpi
✦ 120 euro (ca. 140 USD)

Half-Body without background | A3, 300 dpi
✦ 160 euro (ca. 190 USD)

Full-Body without background | A3, 300 dpi
✦ 200 euro (ca. 235 USD)

Illustration with background | A3, 300 dpi

✦ 320-420 euro (ca. 380-500 USD)
The price depends on the complexity of the character and background.
Very detailed backgrounds such as buildings, rooms with lots of details, etc. are not available.

Dakimakura | 4000x12500 px, 300 dpi

✦ 500+ euro per side (ca. 590+ USD)
The price depends on the complexity of the character and background.
If the backside has the same pose and only a few changes, the price of the backside decreases.

More Dakimakura samples (and R-18 preview)

More samples of my art on Twitter, Pixiv and Instagram.